Customer Support Team

To serve our mutual customers better, we have structured our Customer Support Team by customer and region. This serves to provide our customers with the most personalized service and optimal support available. Our dedicated Support Team person will have a better understanding of a specific customer’s needs; be in constant contact with our sales team in the field and office; and manage any customer service issues that may arise. Our goal is to continue to provide our customers with the speed, quality service, answers and information they have come to expect from Team Total. Your support of our customer service efforts on your behalf is appreciated and will lead to increased sales and support.

Regional Support Zones

In order to serve you better, we have divided up the Country into Five Key Regional Support Zones.

A Primary Support Person is assigned by area and by customer who is knowledgeable in your product line and regional needs.

This is Total Customer Support!
Team: Jane Krauser

Jane Krauser

Customer Support Manager

Team: Marilyn Melton

Marilyn Melton

Customer Support Specialist

Team: Jerry

Jerry Baumgart

Business Analyst

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