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Manufacturer Sales Representatives For Home &Amp; Garden Products


I have spent over 40 years in the sales profession. I have had the fortune to work with various manufacturer rep groups across the nation during this tenure both in the Lawn and Garden Industry and Pool Industry. I can say without hesitation that there is not a more professional sales group than Total Marketing. Most importantly, this professionalism also transcends into sales results. In addition to professional, adjectives such as: dedicated, hard-working, and integrity also fall freely when discussing Team Total. I am truly blessed, both professionally and personally, to work with the Total Marketing Team.

The Michigan Peat CompanyVice President of Sales

In our busy world many people are quick to criticize, and far too many take the time say thank you. In my entire career, I have never come across a more genuine, from-the-heart and caring organization as Total Marketing. Always willing to do and offer assistance when asked, or in most cases when not requested, and always done with a positive attitude. I am giving kudos to your parents for instilling a work ethic and respect you demonstrate to others, and at all times which should be a model for all others to follow.

Blain’s Farm & FleetVice President of Merchandising

You guys are the model we wish we had more of.

C&S Products CompanyVice President of Sales

I am the Buyer/Merchandise Manager for Moscow and Pullman Building Supply in Moscow, ID and Pullman, WA. I have held this position for 13 Years. In this position I have worked very closely with the crew at Total Marketing. They truly are an outstanding group to work with and they have your business front and foremost at heart. They can do it all-- planning, development of areas, advertising and marketing. They are one of my top go-to groups to work with and they have never let me down!

Moscow & Pullman Building SupplyBuyer & Merchandise Manager

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