Headquarter Sales

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National Headquarter Sales Alliance

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We Are Your Sales Headquarters

Market Coverage can be defined in many ways.

We define it as the continual improvement in relationships built and strengthened by getting to know the corporate buyer’s needs and wants, meeting them and breaking through the noise.

We believe this provides even more opportunities for mutual continued growth.

Manufacturer Sales Representatives

Serving our customer,
in all facets of our organization,
is viewed as an honor and a privilege.
Headquarter Sales
Corporate Headquarter Services
  • Retail Headquarter Sales Category Support

  • Sales Presentations

  • Advertising Programs

  • Sales Forecasting

  • Visual Merchandising Displays
  • Vendor Forms

  • Order Forms/Mailings

  • Order Analysts/Traffic

  • New Product Buyer Training

  • New Product Analyst Training
  • Inventory Updates

  • Warehouse Authorizations

  • Quarterly Meetings

  • Annual Reviews/Consolidations

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