Creative Services

When we handle the creative services, you can focus on making a great product and maximizing your profit.

Our highly skilled and professional in-house marketing department manages full-scale marketing planning, graphic design and new, innovative program development functions.

Marketing, creative, and product knowledge functions will continue to be of primary importance to our organization as we strive to meet the increasing demands and challenges of the retail Lawn & Garden and Outdoor Living Industry.

We manage an in-house photo studio, website design, search engine optimization (SEO), video production, sign machines and more. We try to be as self-suf´Čücient as possible and also act as the Marketing/Creative design house for many of the manufacturers we represent.

Creative Services

Creative Functions We Provide

  • In-House Creative Agency/Consolidations
  • Seminar & Training Manuals
  • Web Design & Social Media
  • PK & Merchandising
  • Packaging & Design
  • In-House Photo Studio
  • Graphic Art Department
  • Signage Shop

We help bring your new product from an idea into reality, guiding you throughout the strategic and creative design process.

Start Here

Strategic Planning

Are you manufacturing innovative products, but your marketing is behind the times? Develop a plan to stand out in your industry.

Deliver Your Message

Branding & Design

Our product designers can take an idea as simple as a back-of-the-envelope sketch and produce multiple designs for you to review.

Get Your Product Noticed

Packaging Design

While often overlooked, packaging serves two purposes: to sell & protect. When sold in brick & mortar retail stores then both are equally critical.

Need help getting your product noticed?

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