Company History

Total Marketing Associates has a long company history as a leading home, hardware, lawn & garden manufacturers sales representative agency providing national headquarter sales support to its clients.

Our company was founded on July 1, 1977 by Fred & Judy Cimaglio.

Prior to the founding of Total Marketing Associates, Fred was Vice President and business partner with David Feldman of D.P. Feldman Brokerage Co. This was a food brokerage company serving Chicago metro Supermarket chains and Independent Grocery stores.

During each Spring, the Brokerage Company represented Lawn & Garden Manufacturers offering bagged soils, mulch and bark, fertilizers and a limited offering of chemicals and tools and nursery stock.

The sales were generally to grocery customers while contact was also made to several lawn & garden centers. The Lawn & Garden industry, at the time, was showing real growth as more homes were being built in suburban communities. The need to maintain those lawns and gardens resulted in a significant sales opportunity requiring full priority within the company.

Fred worked out a deal and purchased the Lawn & Garden Division from David Feldman of DP Feldman Brokerage Co. The new business was begun in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.

Team: Fred Cimaglio

Fred Cimaglio

Chairman of the Board

When the new office opened, the staff included Fred & Judy, two full time sales associates (Jack Lander and Mike Winters) and three excited young children and siblings, Chris, Tim and Kimberly, still in grade school. Their business careers began with collating catalogs, sales literature, running a printing press, helping set up trade show events, and eagerness to help whenever they could. After their college graduation each worked with other companies for two years or more.

Then upon returning to Total Marketing Associates, each has served Total Marketing Associates for several years as President. Kimberly is currently leading the company with a great Team. Fred is now retired and serves as Board Chairman. Total Marketing Associates will celebrate their 44th Anniversary on July 1, 2021.

The key factor in the creation of Team Total was the purchase of the Lawn & Garden Division from David Feldman. This enabled Total Marketing Associates to continue to represent and maintain their Manufacturer relationships that had been established for many prior years. Those relationships provided a continuity to the new Manufacturers Representative business established as Total Marketing Associates, headquartered in Rolling Meadows, IL.

Our first office was located in an office park and was 440 sqft which increased to 900 sqft after our first year in business. Total Marketing Associates had significant overhead but recorded a profit in our first year of business. The business relationship with the manufacturers Total Marketing Associates represented and the customers served was increasing substantially. It was time to look again to the future. Our services to our manufacturers and customers also increased.

It was apparent that we needed to add a salesperson. The desire was to expand our territory into Wisconsin. There were several top Garden Centers and chains we could bring our representation and products to immediately upon such a hire.

The year was 1978. At the time Dominick’s Finer Foods had a very good Floral Department. Fred had called on Dominick’s for many years as a Food Broker and doing so also called on the Floral Department. Ken LaBuda was the Floral Buyer, at the time, for Dominick’s and Fred and Ken worked on several private label items for the Dominick’s Grocery Chain. Included was a full line of potting soils. This new Dominick’s Potting Soil branded product proved to be highly successful. This was a key step to build for future success.

Our adventure continues…

Company History