Matt Wood

Vice President, National Accounts
Matt Wood came to the Agency in 2014 from MTD Products.

Matt is our Power Equipment and Pottery Manager at True Value Hardware, Corporate. He also has responsibility for some Mid-States Dealers and Farm & Ranch stores across the Midwest. Distributors that are his responsibility are: Fosters, Prince, BFG, VG and others.

Matt manages and cares for Independent Retailers across IL, WI, IA, IN, MI. Matt has a special affiliation to our Manufacturers of the commodity industries within our agency. He is our “Dirt and Mulch Guy.” Chain accounts are a forte of Matt’s, with Ocean State Job Lot’s being one of his newest, plus Aldi, American Sales and others. The bigger the impact is what Matt always say!

Everyone loves Matt! Let him help you grow your business.

Serves Selected Accounts in Illinois, Iowa, & St. Louis Metro Area

Phone: 847-788-0900 (1-800-323-0780)
Fax: 847-788-0600 (1-800-852-8916)
Team: Matt Wood